First Trimester Experience from a New Mom


I feel awkward and sorta out of place writing here. It’s been such a long time since my last post. I don’t think I know how to blog anymore. 

Anyway, 6 months into 2021 – how is everyone doing? I can’t say much for myself either other than I AM GOING TO BE A MOTHER SOON. Yes, I am pregnant.

Truth be told, it has been surreal. Definitely a mixture of many, many different emotions at one go. If you know me, you’d know I’ve been longing to become a mother. But you know, when it’s your time, it will come eventually.  
As for me, it came 5+ years later, when I’d least expected it. Well, to be fair I can’t say that AI and I weren’t trying cos we were. We did not “plan” per se, but we did lay it out on the table even before we got married that we would be trying from day one.

Alas, 6 months down the road, I got my two lines. 

How & When I Found Out

17th January 2021, to be exact. The day I braved myself to pee on a stick. I cannot explain how terrifying it was for me to take that test. All these years, peeing on a stick and getting one line, it’s heart-wrenching. AI had to really convince and persuade me to take the test when I told him that I was around a week late.

Pregnancy Symptoms

 I had the usual period symptoms – cramps, mood swings, acne but there were a few additional symptoms (which I didn’t notice until I was positive) that month. I was feeling extremely tired especially at night but at that time I thought it was just fatigue from climbing the stairs every day to our room at level 3. Apart from the tiredness, acne suddenly popped out at my stomach area which in my defense it wasn’t unusual for me because I do have back acne. So I figured it was just my hormones. 

Little that I know, that were my initial pregnancy signs.

Got ourselves the confirmation and assurance we needed from the professionals, and insha’Allah we’ll be a family of 3 by Sept 2021. 

My first trimester was smooth setting aside a bit of spotting during the first 8 weeks but apart from that, I had no morning sickness, etc.  It could be my genes, as my mom and sister didn’t have any too while they were carrying. Oh, my Ob-Gyn did give me meds for the spotting and by the 9th week, all was good.

However, the mood swings, exhaustion, and constant pee-ing were my best friends during the first trimester. I was so tired by Maghrib that by 9 pm I was already asleep. 

First Trimester Summary

For my memories sake and if any of you are wondering what went down during the first 3 months of my pregnancy, here they are:-

1. 10th week onwards I started to take, once a day, calcium pills and obimin together with folic acid which I’ve been taking prior to getting pregnant.

2. Decided to take the down syndrome test during week 13 and the glucose test. Will need to take the glucose test again at 28 weeks.

3. I gained 1kg each month.

4. Did not register myself with Klinik Kesihatan and open the “buku pink” as I found a nearby clinic called Klinik Siti. This clinic has its own book which can be used for both private and government hospitals. 

As I am writing this, I am already going into my 25th week – close to the end of my second trimester which was a rollercoaster ride. I will share the details….soon. 

But for now, prayers and baby dust to all TTC mommies. Trust in HIM and believe that HIS timing is never wrong. 

Take care loves.



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