Checklist: Daycare Essentials for Babies

Don’t know what to pack to bring to daycare for your babies? I didn’t either but did my research and now I have my checklist. These are the essentials you might want to consider packing in your baby’s daycare bag.

Daily Essentials:

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Daycare Daily Bag
  • Daycare bag – A well-sized bag is sufficient to pack all of your babies’ essentials for the day. I got this canvas bag from Sometime – Super Estela and I love it. It’s compact, lightweight, and fits everything. I even use this when we’re out and about. 
  • Diapers – At least pack 8-10 of them to avoid not having enough for the day. 
  • Wet Wipes – You may keep this in the daycare for the week, but I pack the travel-sized ones so it doesn’t take much space in her daily bag. I pack at least 2 of them.
  • Towel – Since I will be sending her early morning and only picking her up later in the evening, she will need 2 baths at her daycare. At the end of each day, the daycare center will return the towel for washing. I love these hooded towels, the same ones I suggested in my Newborn Essentials Checklist.
  • Bottles – My baby girl now drinks every 3-4 hours thus, I pack 2 bottles as suggested by my daycare. They will wash the bottles every after usage and I’ll sterilize them at home.
  • Pacifier/Favorite Toy – If your baby is like mine, pack a pacifier or her favorite toy. I would suggest having a clip-on pacifier so that the pacifier won’t fall on the ground.
  • Extra clothing – This is important, as any parent of a baby knows. On top of my baby’s daily wear (after baths), I still pack at least 2 bodysuits, 1 legging, 1 pair of socks, and 2 bibs. 
  • Sleepsack/Swaddle – If your baby still needs to swaddle for sleeping, best to pack a sleepsack/swaddle cloths for her comfort.

Weekly Essentials:

  • Crib Sheets/Blanket/Comforter Set – Our daycare provides each baby their own crib with sheets but we will need to bring our own comforter set. This set will stay in the daycare for the whole week; I’ll bring them home on Friday for washing and bring them back on Monday.
  • Milk – Depending on what your baby is drinking, EBM or Formula. If EBM then of course you will need to replenish and bring it daily. As for me, at the beginning of each week I will provide the daycare with a container filled with Formula Milk. Easier this way, I don’t need to pack the container in her daily bag. When it’s almost empty, they will return back to me for a refill.

Sending babies to daycare might be a bit overwhelming for parents, especially new parents like me. Hopefully having an organized schedule and proper checklist will ease the anxiousness.

Do you find these sorts of checklists helpful? What are things do you pack in your baby’s daycare bag?

Do let me know in the comments below!


Amirah Z.

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