Book Review | The One by John Marrs

The One by John Marrs (featuring my baby girl as prop hehe)

Genre : Thriller

Rating : ❤❤❤❤❤ /5

Trigger Warnings: Miscarriage, Kidnapping, Suicide, Murder, Psychopaths, Cheating

I LOVED IT. My first 5 stars read of 2022 and I am so glad I picked this up.


The story tells you about 5 different main characters, all matched to their so-called “soulmate” according to their DNA samples. All 5 were going through life-changing events when these matches were made which some learned how to overcome them whilst some struggled even more after getting to know their “Match”.

My Thoughts on the Book

It was intense, definitely a page-turner. Don’t expect to get some sleep even when you tell yourself after each chapter “Okay, I’ll end here.” I love the way the chapters were split up according to the main characters although during the first few chapters it was a bit hard to memorize all 5 stories at one go, but, you’ll get the hang of it pretty much after reading the first couple of chapters for each character. All 5 characters had strong real-life issues, to which I’m pretty sure the readers could relate in one way or another.

There were a lot of OMG moments for me, unexpected turns and twists which left me wanting more. It’s definitely, a 5 star read for me. I would definitely recommend this book if you’re up for some thrilling reads, go in blind, and don’t read any spoilers. Trust me, it is good and definitely worth your time.

Favorite Quotes

If they ain’t broke, don’t try and fix them.

But I also wanted to demonstrate how greedy we are as human beings. How willing we are to give up everything and anyone we hold dear on the suggestion there might be something better around the corner.

“I didn’t even know people like me could fall in love.” People like you. You mean psychopaths,right?”

Don’t let the chance to be happy pass you by.

If you’ve got the opportunity to love someone as much as they love you, then grab it with both hands and hold on to it for dear life.

Sometimes, the grass isn’t greener on the other side and we should stay in the field where we belong.

If you do decide to read this, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! ICYMI, I also did a review on a book by Colleen Hoover.


Amirah Z.

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