10 Affordable Last-Minute Gifts

A brand new year means a brand new cycle of birthdays, anniversaries, and seasonal celebrations. Worried you overlooked your calendar and suddenly you find yourself still searching for the PERFECT gifts for your loved one(s)?

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you narrow down your choices or even help you out altogether! The best part is, you can get all these gifts for less than RM150. Come, let’s see if any of these items catch your eyes.

For the TECH Lovers

1. IKAKU KAKU 6 TYPE Series Phone Holder = RM5.60

This would be very useful especially for multitaskers. Perfect gift for someone who loves watching videos but still wants to do other things thus needing a hands-free phone holder right by their side.

2. Selens Portable Ringlight = RM32.99

I am pretty sure everyone needs this by now (not only for TikTok users) as they come in handy when you need a stand to capture a group photo because obviously, you would also want to be in that photo too! Not only that, with the help of the ring light, you don’t need to worry about bad lighting and such. Perfect gift!

3. REALME Wireless Mouse =RM39

Who doesn’t need this? Well okay, maybe for non-computer users but most of us live with our computers and laptops. Having a wireless mouse saves the hassle of having to maneuver long cables everywhere.

4. Baseus Bluetooth Wireless Earphones = RM45 – RM50

Ah, wireless earphones. My savior especially when I’m with my baby girl in the bedroom, wanting to watch Youtube or Netflix. I no longer need to worry about having tangled earphones getting around me (or my baby!) and it is so comfortable that sometimes I forgot I have them in my ears. Definitely a recommended must-have item.

For the Work-From-Home (holics)

5. Adjustable Swivel Med-Back Mesh Office/Study Chair = RM65

Okay, this might not be the most romantic gift in the history of romantic gifts, BUT, hear me out. With everything that’s going on in the world, some of us are already starting to work from home. On that note, owning a comfortable office/study chair is a MUST, for our own good. I, personally, wouldn’t mind getting this for Valentine’s. That shows my partner cares and thinks for my health-being. Don’t you think so?

6. Foldable Anti-slip Laptop Table = RM39.60

This is another useful gift, that I personally use every day. It’s lightweight and most importantly portable. I can use it on my bed while accompanying my baby sleeps or I’ll bring it to the living area when it’s my baby’s playtime. I love that it has a cup holder and a “pocket” to put your phone/tablet securely.

7. Laptop Stand = RM16

I used to have this in the office and it helped me tremendously. This laptop stand is foldable which means you can adjust it to be aligned with your view. Trust me, it will definitely make your life easier not having to strain your eyes and back.

8. Portable USB Air Cooler/Mini Fan = RM25.30

I would love to own this on my study/office table at home or even in the office. What more can I say, your own mini fan, right in your face. GET IT, GIFT IT.

For the Beauty Enthusiast

9. MAC – Lips Set with Mini Lip Stick  (worth RM 200) = RM64.50

Ah finally, something specific for the ladies in your life. If you don’t know it by now, we love MAC. They’re expensive, yes, but we secretly want them (especially if it’s gifted). Enough said.

10. REALME Beard Trimmer = RM129

Last but not least, a gift that may or may not be (depending on your guy) useful. However, I am pretty sure they do need this, regardless they do have beards or not, right? Either way, this beard trimmer comes with 20 settings, portable with USB charging. Perfect for traveling and keeping your vanity table clear of cables. Your welcome.

Hope this post helps you in finding the perfect gifts this year!



Disclaimer: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. 

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